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Australia’s Leading Linux and Open Source Technology Consultancy Firm


Cyber IT Solutions offers your organisation quality technical resources for systems support and software development, and a dedicated team of experienced network and system administrators committed to meeting delivery deadlines, budget allocations and other business IT objectives.  Our team is available to help build, configure and maintain your IT platforms and networks. We provide pro-active on-site and remote systems management, system administration and tuning, and support most Linux distributions and their integration with Windows technologies.

Our team has extensive experience successfully delivering IT projects for organisations both large and compact across a range of industry sectors, including high-security government facilities, traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, online businesses, and non-profit ventures.

Our senior staff provide strategic consulting services informed by our deep expertise in the leading open source tools and techniques, ensuring your organisation keeps up-to-date with technology advances and stays ahead of emerging security threats.

Our experience working on high-security projects for many government and corporate clients has given us a unique set of skills. We have specialist consultancy, deep support capabilities and development expertise across the following:

  • Remote infrastructure management, software maintenance and fault rectification

  • ISM-compliant levels of server hardening and security best-practice

  • System recovery following hardware failure, data corruption, and security breaches​

  • Postfix, Sendmail, and Dovecot email

  • PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB data platforms

  • Core Internetworking services including OpenLDAP, BIND/DNS,

  • Samba-SMB/CIFS, Active Directory, Apache, Squid

  • Linux virtualisation and container technologies including Qemu/KVM, LXC, OpenVZ, Docker, Proxmox (migration from ESXi, etc)

  • Linux-on-Cloud (AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc) system administration and migration services

  • Support and migration services for Solaris and other legacy Unix platforms

  • Python, C/C++

Consulting and Systems Integration

Consulting and

Systems Integration

Businesses are increasingly moving office IT systems online to hosted services and cloud-based solutions, enabling more flexibility for staff and leveraging the savings of infrastructure consolidation.

As an essential part of your business strategy your IT infrastructure should serve as an integrated component of your business that efficiently works with both your staff and your clients to deliver on your goals.

Cyber IT Solutions provide consulting services on all aspects of your business' IT requirements. We ensure your IT solutions follow a consistent strategy and direction while eliminating unnecessary expenditure.

Our team of engineers can seamlessly integrate your Linux and open source solutions with existing legacy and third-party business-critical systems.

We have comprehensive design and hands-on expertise in the integration and management of most core open source system technologies.

Systems Support and Maintenanc

Systems Support and Maintenance

We provide on-call ad-hoc support services as well as deterministic Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and proactive maintenance agreements. Many of our customers enjoy the certainty and confidence provided by our 24x7 monitoring of their systems.

Our team of experienced systems engineers provide solutions to the most complex security issues, taking a disciplined approach to the analysis of known and potential vulnerabilities, mitigating against threats, and protecting your systems against further risk.

Cyber IT Solutions offers proactive maintenance agreements which include regular security-related updates to system software on your Linux systems, giving you assurance that newly discovered system vulnerabilities will be patched quickly, and minimising exposure to hostile attack.

Web and Application Development

Web and Application Development

Often expensive 'one size fits all' software simply doesn't meet your business requirements. Collaborate with our consultants to adapt or build a solution for you.

We offer comprehensive software development services that cover the full development and implementation cycle of your IT project including a complete range of consulting services.

We implement a policy of Multiple Independent Levels of Security ensuring the data and privacy of your systems and your clients are protected from threats, both known and emerging.

Our development expertise extends across numerous open frameworks, application stacks and tools.



Cyber IT Solutions is Australia’s leading Linux and open source technology consultancy firm. Established in 1991 and in continuous operation since then, it is one of the world’s longest-running specialists in this realm.

We continue to provide professional support, service level agreements, proactive maintenance and monitoring services to large and small business, government, and non-profit organisations.





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